Devotions from thoughts by Michael Molinos in The Spiritual Guide

Obedience to be perfect must be voluntary, pure and cheerful. Most of all it must be internal. It means we don’t consider the personal gain for ourselves but only for the gain of God. When it is internal we are ready at any time and without resentment to do His will. I find I have often obeyed what I think the Lord wanted for me but with reservation and even at times complaining.  Pure obedience to Him must come from the heart. Often we fall and it is humbling. But in reality it is a miracle of His grace that we don’t fall every moment. The enemy tells us that when we fall that we are not grounded in God and he wants us to despair and give up. But we need to acknowledge our fall and trust in His mercy and goodness. Again and again we must do that. The Lord lets us know that it is His mercy which frees us and keeps us humble. Let us have confidence in His forgiveness and mercy.