Devotions from Mark McMinn’s book, Finding Our Way Home

Each of us is individually valued by God. God views us collectively but also individually as He knows and understands each of us.

He knows every doubt, every longing, and every fear we have.  He is not shocked by our behavior. Because He knows and understands then we can live authentically with one another too.  We can struggle together in honest relationship, and together look at the messes and struggles of the pain of life and death.
Each of us wants to be loved, to be the apple of someone’s eye. God’s love is at the center of everything, and the rest of these expressions are just ripples of the greatest love of all.

Fear is the enemy of love and we try to be good enough to earn love. Fear prevents us from being authentic with one another, blocking us from the depth of pure love.
He invites us to leave our fears behind and grasp the truth that we already have a home in Him.