Devotions from Mark McMinn’s book, Finding  Our Way Home

God remembers us first, even before we can utter our first words or cry for help. He knows and cares about our struggles, celebrates our victories and grieves our sorrows and holds us in his arms of love.

God knows us by name and chooses to love us.  He not only remembers us but bursts into human form, and lives with us-Emmanuel whose birth we just celebrated. 

In the incarnation, God becomes someone who can be touched and whose touch can heal. He wants to soothe and heal the sicknesses of our soul.

Because we see His utter love and care that God showed in living with us on this earth, we can reach out to others in their pain with His love.

 Everyone of us is His priceless masterpiece. We are noticed and have His attention, and can never lose it.
Let us carry that thought with us today and it will change how we perceive all that comes our way.