Devotions based on Mark Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythm

This book is about the 4 distinct seasons of our soul within us. There are seasonal rhythms like flourishing and fruitful, stark and dismal, cool and windy, etc. The seasons have nothing to do with age and seldom the person.  Our responsibility is to know the season and match our actions and inactions to it.  The author went through a winter season where he had to walk without sight and to believe even in the absence of evidence and emotions. He found that all seasons are necessary for growing, and inactivity has as much to do with growth as activity. He noticed that busyness bruises and  stunts fruit as much as grows it. For everything there is a season (from Ecclesiastes) and eternity hides beneath the guise of each season’s beauty.  What we go through is only a dress rehearsal for what is ahead…eternity.  God walks with us in all seasons and when all is done takes us home.
Let us cooperate with God in the changes He wants to work in us in each season we go through.