Devotions based on an article by Stacey Benson

As we follow God’s call for our lives I’m sure we’ve all had our share of darts thrown at us by friends, family, and church people.  It may be hurtful words, judgments, criticisms, or untrue accusations against our character. We can respond by building  protective walls or we can let the Lord help us develop thick skin to not take everything personally.  It is important to keep our hearts soft and not place so much importance on how others treat us.  Ultimately, it is what He thinks of us that really matters.  We must let our focus be on Him and the criticism and judgments won’t sting so much. Rick Ezell says if we are in leadership we can react to criticism by: 1.Talking to God about it-take it to Him in prayer first. 2.  Learn from it. Maybe there is a little truth in it so we must shake out the kernels of truth and use them to help us grow. 3.  Use it to motivate us to greater action. Let it spur us on to greater accomplishments. 4.  Ignore it. Sometimes we must consider the source and just dismiss it and move on.  

Let us keep our eyes on the Lord who will lift us up and lead the way into the fullness of our calling.