Devotions from Leighton Ford’s book The Attentive Life
“We must be still and keep on moving.”  T.S. Elliot  

We need to be still because we are not God and He is.

When we are still our knowing comes not from without but from within, or more truly, what I see and experience without is received and illuminated within.

We must just BE before God.

When we are still God can break though the many layers with which we protect ourselves so that we can be poised to listen.

When we are on “automatic” we know many things very partially. In a mindful state we know a few things quite well.  In true contemplation we know one thing at a time deeply. And the many things fuse into one thing.

The paradox of our modern world is that we know so much about so many things, about how things work, but so little about who we are as persons, why we are.

When we reach the midpoint of our lives, we begin more and more to integrate the inner and the outer and discover a hidden wholeness as we begin to become our true selves.

May we stop long enough to pay attention to what God is saying to us, no matter where we are in our journeys. Our times are in His hands.