Judy and I are going to be traveling for the next four to five weeks.  We are going to see friends in Washington state, followed by visits with our children and their families, in Colorado, Texas and Kansas.  So I am not to sure how much I will be posting.  I will be back on the blog in mid Oct.  I hope that the wildman journey is stimulating some thoughts for you and creating a yearning in your soul to find new freedom in Christ, as you discov er the depths and riches of your soul life.

Again I must say, that what drives this “monk in the woods” to keep blogging is the conviction that men, both young and older, need to be in dialogue and conversation with each other about the male soul.  I have a deep sense that there are men out there who desire to be in fellowship with other men, who yearn to go beyond the programs, words and normal expectations of men in the church, to a place of deeper awareness of the soul.  Our being transformed by Christ, begins in the soul.  One of my favorite images, is that of God rearranging the furniture in the soul. 

I am only one small voice in the northwoods.  There could be other voices that need to be heard.  I might be just the person in the woods, priming the pump so that others can express their struggles, frustration and reservations concerning their soul life.  Remember we as wildmen have to do this for ourselves.  In the church we have for to long depended on the feminine voice to express what is a male spirituality.  It is time for men to rise up and do their soul work for themselves.  We need men who are strong in heart and soul, who know who they are in Christ.