We are in Kalispell, Montana and have driven 26  hours all through the night. We left yesterday after the funeral and are on our way to Edmonds Washington to see special friends.   Al is sleeping and I’m sure I will be soon too.
I wanted to write my thoughts about the funeral  for Frank yeseterday.  It was a meaningful time for me  and a time of processing years of past input into my life. I was most grateful that we were not embarked on our trip so I could be present at the celebration of his life. My aunt is a most special person in my life and it meant a great deal to me to be able to walk with her through this part of her journey. At the close of the reviewal time there was a Power Point of their life together and then a time open for sharing. M y introverted nature does not like to get up in front of crowds but I felt like I wanted to tell my aunt and family  how important they are in my life. I stumbled through with tears and had so  much more to say and couldn’t, but I hope they could read my heart.  When I look back on all the years with their family, it’s the unspoken example of Marcia and Frannk that influenced me most. Marcia was always there for Frank and  joined him in each of his new ventures…..like flowers, farming, fishing, hunting etc. I don’t think I remember her ever speaking negatively of him, even when he only gave us an hour’s notice he was bringing home company for supper. It just meant we had to work together and very quickly!  She was such a vital part of Frank’s life.   When I got married, I  enjoyed being knit with Al in his ventures also and  may never know how much Marcia and Frank influenced me in this  postive way.

Even though there was sadness as we gathered together as family yesterday, something deep united us. We were sharing the celebration of a life that has affected our lives.  Every person leaves behind footprints and makes an impact!  The service for Frank gave expression of his personality and they even played Stars and Stripes Forever!  He would have wanted things to be upbeat as he liked to keep things that way. The priest spoke of how Frank lived a life of sharing with others and therein was joy.  The music was beautiful as children and grandchildren used their musical gifts. An especially touching scene was the grandkids processing in with  gifts and  laid them on the altar.  I could imagine the Lord smiling and receiving their gifts of love. Terry gave a beautiful eulogy of her dad’s life that was so well spoken .
To share communion together with friends and relatives all affected by Frank’s life was a uniting experience too—age, male or female, prominent or humble–all are one at the foot of the cross.
None of us know how our lives touch others, but to live a life of love is eternal. The ripples go on and on. Don’t neglect to tell someone who has touched your life!
Tomorrow we hope to get to Washington and will write as I am able! Blessings!!