I have been away from the blog site for over four weeks.  Judy and I have been on an extended trip, visiting friends and the families of our three children.  In the meantime, Judy has begun to do her daily devotions on our blog site.  I must say that I admire her faithfulness in posting her devotional every day.  I know from the testimony of many, that her devotions are read by many and then passed on to others.  I believe God has given Judy the gift of writing, especially in letter writing.  She has done that as long as I have known her.  Now it seems that that gift is being used on the internet.  I would ask you, who are friends of this site, to pray for the ministry of Judy’s blog.

For all who read my blog and Judy’s devotion, I want to give testimony to the great treasure God has given to me in my wife of over 44 years.  She is the most consistent and gracious Christian I know.  I am truly blest of God to have her as my help-mate.  Other then my relationship to the Lord, my relationship with Judy has been the most formative.  She has stood by my side through it all, encouraging me and believing in me as a man.  Much of the healing of my male soul is do to her acceptance of me as I am and the belief that God could bring change to my life. 

Well, enough about Judy and I.  I will probably write more about her and I in the day to come.  Just one thought for “wild men” today, as I get back in the groove of writing.  In my devotions one day I was struck by this verse from Ps 77:19.  “Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters – a path no one knew was there!”  I was struck personally by the last part of the verse.  For me it meant that as I follow the Lord, he will make a way, even when I am not sure there is a path to follow.   In my own spirit I wondered if the promise of a path being there is an encouragement for me to know that in the days to come, there will be a path to follow as I keep my eyes on Jesus.  Do you are a “wildman” have wonderings about your direction.  God promises that a path will be there.