Devotions from Gary Moon’s book, Apprenticeship with Jesus

“All Christian power springs from communion with God and from the indwelling of divine grace.”  James Aughey

As the author speaks of communion I am grateful that at our new church we receive communion each Sunday. Communion  literally means, “Thanksgiving”. 
Even though Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection opened wide the gates of heaven for us, we still have to face our own personal cross.

We must be willing to choose the will of our Father over that of our own-several hundred times each day.  That’s tough.

 Our only hope is to have Him on our insides, alive, powerful, loving and acting through us.  This great sacrament is revealed not through the intake of the bread and wine but through the outflow of Christ living His life through us.

Let us pray that He will be a real and living presence in every atom of our body as we go through this day.  A breath prayer is suggested if you are facing a difficult task, “In this situation, live your life through me.”