Devotions based on Kenneth Boa’s book, Conformed to His Image

James Mc Conkey said that, “Faith is dependence on God. And this God-dependence only begins when self-dependence ends. And self-dependence only comes to its end, with some of us, when sorrow, suffering, affliction, broken plans and hopes bring us to that place of self-helplessness and defeat.”   It is only as we surrender full control of our lives and plans to Christ, that we come to know His peace. When we lose our lives for His sake, we find His life instead. We become new creatures for He lives in us and wants to express His life through us. We must continually remember that our needs have already been fully met in Him so we don’t need to be grabbers but givers.  If we try to gratify our own needs we will be very frustrated. If we pursue God and His kingdom we will be satisfied and our needs fulfilled. But there is a difference between our efforts to do things for Him and inviting Him to live and manifest His life through us. Let us abide in Him and receive His life rather than creating our own independent life!