Devotions from Judy’s heart

Have you ever had a dream where you were floating through the air or on water, completely relaxed and free?  Today I went to the Point and the day was so beautiful.   I floated on an air mattress and noticed the blue sky overhead, felt a refreshing breeze, and soaked up the sunrays. It was in a little bit of heaven!  When we allow the Spirit to have complete control of our lives, it seems just like floating, for our cares are given over to Him who is able to handle all of them. It may be surprising where He leads us, just as I floated near the lily pads, on the other side of the dock and into deep water etc.

And when I just relaxed and shut my eyes, I really didn’t care where I went. Sometimes when I opened my eyes, there was an eagle over head, or a kayak near by. I wanted to enjoy the moment and just savor it all. When the Lord has freedom to direct our lives, it is like He leads us to the place where we know we belong…we feel one with Him and we are truly “home”.  Let us give up directing our own lives and float in freedom!