Devotions from Judy’s heart

Change comes to all of us and one phone call can change everything!  It may be a simple change of plans to something serious of a loved one who has died.  Last night I got a call that the guests that were coming for a dinner party tonight had to postpone because of sickness. So even though the house is clean, the dessert is ready, plans for this day are changed and we needed to flex. That is a small change but sometimes change involves our attitudes, priorities and our very way of life. As I read this morning from Paul Keller that “change is all part of the eternal process because everything without exception, is constantly in a state of change. However, the promise of God is that this does not mean the end for us, rather it is always a new beginning because, ‘new things I now declare ( to you)’” says the Lord. Let us not cling to what cannot be recovered as it only wastes our time and energy. But may we trust that God will lead us, and let us be ready for the new things that will be coming our way!