Devotions from Judy’s heart

Today I read from “Jesus Calling” that He knows our worst but sees our best. I am so grateful that although He sees us as we are, yet He sees what we can become. The world measures, competes and compares but He accepts us right where we are now and doesn’t wait for us to change or become great. It says in Eph 1:4 that He chose us before the foundation of the world. We are cherished and chosen!  Others will fail us but He never will and is always for us.  Jesus knew what it was like to have every one of his friends forsake Him.  We also will be disappointed by our friends, as well as, bring disappointment to them. As Steve Smith says in His book, “Jesus Life”, our friendships must be built on our mutual need for Jesus, not our own goodness.  Each of us will fail us as well as bring delight. Let us wrap ourselves in His perfect love and remember to forgive others and ourselves when we fail to show His love.