Devotions from Judy’s heart,
Last night I saw a doe with her two fawns in our yard grazing on our grass.  As I watched the doe started going for my garden and munching there. I don’t mind sharing but there is a limit and my garden is off limits. I went to the door and made noise so she scampered off into the woods with her fawns.   I thought of it in another sense as we all need to have boundaries. Others can be a part of our lives but there is also a limit. We are all individuals and must be accountable to God. And at that day when we do give account, we can’t put the blame on someone else for we are responsible. Therefore we need discernment to hear God in our lives and not do things just because it is acceptable to others. When someone gets too close to our boundary lines, an alarm should go off inside of us and we need to have them step back. Yes, we need to be caring and giving, but only to a point so it doesn’t violate us.  As it says in Romans 14:12 : “So then each of us will give and account of himself to God.”