Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book, “Wayfaring”
This author talks about God’s invitation to walk our own living pathway in companionship with He who is the Way!  We are on a pilgrim journey and it is not a tourist outing.  It is a journey that challenges us and shapes our souls in ways we can not predict. The way ahead of us is a journey of the heart- the journey of our true selves toward the true center and source of all Being.  God sees the deepest parts of us and also our potential. Our part is to say Yes to the presence of God within us and to the growth of becoming what He alone has planned. We have a shallow picture of ourselves and others and often is distorted.  Only He knows the infinite treasure in the heart of our true selves. Our part is to open up to Him Who shows us in so many ways that we are the object of His unconditional love, with no requirement to prove ourselves. We have a hard time to deal with that possibility that we are loved just as we are and our efforts to please do not make a bit of difference to His love for us.  Let us go into this day believing that BEING is more important than DOING.