Devotions from Judy’s heart

So often here at Canaan we spend time around the table sharing. Sometimes so long that it is time for the next meal to be served.  In Derek Maal’s book, Reaching Towards Easter, he talks about Jesus meal with his friends just before His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It was a time of reclining around the table with good friends, including Lazarus who was joyous in being alive.  “Sometimes we find ourselves in such a hurry to extract all the meaning possible from this time of the year that we forget to sit at the table with Jesus and to just be.  Jesus and his friends simply enjoyed the meal in Bethany… So I’m interested in a Lenten experience that for today at least puts “being” ahead of “doing”.  Many of us frantically “do” faith, showing up for every event at church, throwing ourselves into service and mission, tuning into Christian radio in our cars. We try hard to live the practical expression of a holy life. That’s fine. But what are we doing about being holy?”  Sometimes we just need to sit there and to be still and tune in to God’s voice. “Such a vital experience of being propels us into action, action grounded in a more vital connection to ‘the source of all being.’… Being moves us into Doing.!”  May He help us to prioritize and schedule more time to be at table with Him and then it will be an impetus for our doing!.