Devotions from Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

Self-giving love is not only forgiving others who have hurt us but may mean being with others who are crushed by evil. On the cross Jesus joined himself in love with every victim of torture, rape and abuse, every homeless person, every person grieving the loss of a loved one etc. This kind of love means being present with others in their brokenness.  It means listening to the person before thinking of what we can do for them. Being with a suffering friend can be our greatest gift. God may use us to help them overcome despair and give hope for we bring His presence.

Sometimes we may need to take action against the evil and confront oppressive structures whenever we can. We may be led to include and share with others who have been neglected and forgotten. Judy Bassingthwaite is such a person demonstrating this kind of love as she ministers on the streets of Johannesburg amongst the homeless. She coordinates a feeding schedule, counsels those that are downtrodden, learns the names of those she serves, speaks on behalf of those who seem to have no voice. One thing we can all do is to pray and intercede for the spiritual battle can’t be won by just programs and our human efforts. Every time we intercede for others we increase the openings through which God’s power can freely flow. Let us practice holding others in the healing presence of Christ!