Devotions based on Scot McKnight’s book, One.Life

“There is no such thing as free sex. It always comes at a cost. With it, either you give your heart, or you give your soul…you can have sex without giving love, but you can’t have sex without giving a part of yourself.”  Medical research shows that whenever sexual relationships occur there is a bonding that occurs chemically. . The brain creates pathways of connection that make that experience easier to repeat. When people sleep around they feel shame and our God given brain gets confused. “Sex devoid of relational commitment confuses our brain’s neurochemicals and begins to corrode our capacity for one of our deepest yearnings: the yearning for commitment and faithfulness, or bonding with someone who loves us.” Love is a rugged commitment to be with someone.  Sex is about relationship and about love. Without relationship and love, sex wounds. We were created to love God and to love others, including ( if chosen) a bonding relationship with one person. Sex flows from genuine love and genuine love craves commitment. That is not what our culture tells us today and it results in a generation that is cynical, empty, selfish and anxious about love.  God has wired us to connect with others deeply- emotionally, spiritually physically and sexually.  It’s not all about what is in it for me? But a kingdom lover loves the other and lives his or her life for that other-the way the lovers do in Song of Solomon who take delight in the other.