Devotions from Judy’s heart

In my kitchen I have a small sunflower shaped vase given me by a special friend that holds an actual sunflower. It sits by my sink and is a constant reminder of my friend, making me smile and giving me a boost in my faith. It is also prompts me to pray for her.  I thought of how the Lord fills our surroundings of reminders of Him but so often we miss them. We are so busy into our mundane lives  that these special things escape our notice and we wonder where God is in our situations. But He is always there and He is always surrounding us with evidences of His presence.  Sometimes we need to just be quiet and still and slow down to receive what He is sending to our hearts. Haven’t we at some time had a friend give us a gift that has tremendous spiritual significance but they weren’t even aware?  That is God! Or maybe someone gives us a word that 2 unrelated others have already told us? Do you think God is saying something He wants us to hear?  Or He may put before us a beautiful sunset that takes our breath away?
Let us be alert and open to all the reminders He sends our way to let us know He is right there with us every moment.