Devotions from Judy’s heart

God works good even if we are not aware at the time!  Last week I went to a meeting where two people who are in charge did not show up. So the 3 of us that came just visited a while and went home. But that day I went a little earlier, and discovering an unexpected sale I  bought a couple things before the store closed. Two days later I went back and bought 12 sweatshirts, 7 t-shirts, a man’s flannel shirt, and a bathing suit top all for $32. Can you believe? While I was in town I bumped into the head of the committee and she apologized profusely for missing the meeting. I told her how glad I was that I had gone to town that day or I never would have known about the hot sale. Sometimes when we are disappointed that something doesn’t work out, God is at work and preparing us for something else He has in mind. We can trust Him and know that He has our best in mind and will work all things out for His plan for us. TRUST!