Devotions based on Scot McKnight’s book, One.Life

The God.Life that the author talks about is shaped by wisdom. It is easier to ask for wisdom as Solomon did than to live it.  We need to slow down and let wisdom have its way with us. If we want to live our lives well and end well, we will need to listen to the wise.  Proverbs was written so that we can gain wisdom and understanding and for receiving instruction etc.  “Wisdom is about the reverence of receiving the wisdom of the wise.”  How wonderful if we could all find someone who is wise and loving and just spend time with them. Jesus was the Wise One and tells us how to be wise: fear God and live with a consciousness of Him throughout the day; when making decisions ask ourselves, “What is the wise thing to do?” That question can shed God’s light on our path;  take one step at a time in living out our dreams; begin now where we are and let that dream shape our every day life;  see every person as someone loved by God; discover who we are by loving others; love our enemies and pray for them. Following Jesus is all about His kingdom, about love, about justice, about peace, about wisdom and so much more.