Devotions based on Scot McKnight’s book, One.Life

As a follower of Jesus, we are to devote our lives to His kingdom, to a life of loving God and loving others and to a society shaped by justice and peace. Jesus showed us what it is like to live in and pursue peace by the way He lived and by asking us to join Him. Often even the church is tempted by another way of power and coercion. Let us remember peace is a result, not a goal.  Love is the way of the cross that produces peace. When we love we find peace. Even in times of sickness and war and death we can have peace because we know in our hearts, God has the last word and He can be trusted. It may be cool to wear a tie-died T-shirt that says we are for peace but peace is hard work.

“Peace is what you’ve got what you need and need what you’ve got.”  So much of the world does not have what they need though. Every 3 ½ seconds someone in the world dies of starvation and yet there is enough food for everyone. There are 3.8 billion people living in poverty. If peace is going to have a chance today, it must begin with us who know Christ. Many of Scot McKnight’s students are making a difference and  some are walking the coast of Africa to raise money for water etc. To follow Jesus is to pursue peace and this peace flows from those who live a life of love.  “Peace is the result of a life of steadfast commitment to work things out, the result of letting God’s inner peace become God’s outer peace”