Devotions from Judy’s heart,

On the way to Des Moines yesterday at 5:30 am, I noticed a big smudge on my passenger side of the windshield. It was in my direct line of my vision so I couldn’t see accurately. We intended to wash it off the next time we stopped but we forgot. I took a snooze and when I opened my eyes again the window was clear as there had been a heavy rain. I thought of how we all have areas of damage in our lives and it distorts the way we view things. We don’t see things accurately and for real. But the Lord wants to heal us and give us clarity and to see things as they are. When He washes us and forgives us, we look out with new sight. It isn’t so important how the smudge got there, but rather our desire to have it taken care of. The Lord wasn’t to bless us and draw us close as it says in Ps. 24:3-4 “Who may stand in His holy place? He who has cleans hands and a pure heart. May we go to Him for cleansing and fresh sight!