Devotions from Judy’s heart

The other day I defrosted and cleaned out our chest freezers in the garage. I spent part of my time almost upside down, as I had to bend over and dig deep into the bottom.  We may not remember what is even in there, and I was surprised by all the things that needed to be used up. It made me think of my heart and how so much has been put into it through out my life…teachings, my daily devotions, words from friends etc.. It is easy to forget what was put in long ago. We need that cleansing and airing out so new things can be put in. The former things were good but need to be used and put into practice and then the new can come in and build on that. If we neglect to use what was put in, it compromises the flavor and the taste. If it is too full of the old, we miss trying out the new. “ Behold, I am making all things new. Rev 21:5