Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

We open ourselves to heaven by letting go and letting God. When we die we are forced to let go of all we possess.  But throughout our lives there are also minor deaths which we can rehearse the art of letting go and letting God.

As we do this we discover how God constantly acts through this process to give us greater wholeness.  Each of these experiences of letting go- whether it be ending a significant relationship, giving up a destructive habit, failure of a job etc- confronts us with a choice. We can cling to what was, or let go, believing that God is always acting to transform death into life. If we cling to the old, we get imprisoned in the past and it prevents us from taking up what God has for our future. “Daring to let go frees us for the future, enables new beginnings and allows Christ to rise afresh in us.”  We have the choice. We can practice letting go each night as we lay down all that has happened during the day. We give Him all the day’s mistakes, pressures and demands and trust His Spirit to do within us whatever our soul needs. The next morning becomes a resurrection moment as we do the tasks before us in union with Him.
As we let go and let God within the many “Minor “ deaths that  occur during our lifetime, we provide an opening for the life of heaven to touch us where we are.