Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

Jesus had a passionate concern for people and recognized the image of God in every human being. He saw people as they were and as they could become. He acted towards others with respect and care. He enabled them to realize their sacredness and specialness and called forth their very best. To be a disciple of His we too must learn to look at others through His eyes and pray that a divine passion for them will be formed in our hearts.  This doesn’t happen overnight but takes time and needs our full cooperation. One way to start is to show hospitality as Jesus and his followers practiced. When Jesus was at table, no one was sent away and everyone was welcomed.  Today hospitality may get twisted with hidden agendas. But genuine hospitality is a way of saying to another, “You matter. I welcome you and want to provide for you a safe place where you can be yourself….I have no desire to change you, judge you or get anything from you. Make yourself at home.”  Jesus also treated friend and foe alike and He taught that we should love our enemies. We must be honest and confess there are some people toward whom we feel hostile. We are to pray for them, and as we do we will begin to view them in a fresh light?  So let us become more like Jesus by opening our hearts to receive His love and to allow the Spirit to work within us to see others as He does.