Dear Ones,
What a beautiful sunny day and snow is quickly melting and seems like spring is really here. I just finished making egg dishes and doing food prep and soon going to my exercise class. This afternoon is Crafts and then Bible Study tonight. Al is doing a communion service next door this morning. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  As I was having devotions, the last thing it said of Moses in Leviticus 16:34, “And Moses did as the Lord commanded him.” He obeyed! I must confess that it is hard for me to read the book of Leviticus, as there are so many laws and rituals that are given in great detail and if the people obeyed those instructions they were blessed; but if they disobeyed, they were not blessed as many even lost their lives, as Aaron’s 2 sons. Because of Jesus sacrifice on the cross, we no longer have to keep those rituals, but we have the commandments to guide us and other rules that we may be blessed.
    I think we have only to look at our own culture to see what happens when we disregard God’s rules and go our own way. Life gets very messy! We feel far away from God for He is holy and we are living in our sinfulness.  But when we receive His forgiveness and walk in obedience to the Lord, keeping His ways, we have a blessed life. He brings joy, even though we may go through difficult circumstances.
   When the Lord asks something of us, we may not always know the purpose of it at the time, but we are to obey rather than question. And it is to be prompt. We may know later the purpose of the action, but not always. Perhaps it is easier in a work situation to obey since it is our job on the line and a paycheck, but not as easy in a church related situation to be under someone’s leadership, especially if you are not in agreement. For example the monastery could not function without obedience, for who would otherwise show up on time for prayers, meals work etc?  We must all be humble and obey as it is His will for us. Let us not be complainers and seek to do our own will, but follow what the way of Jesus and humbly obey for the joy that that was set before Him.
Challenge for today: Live in humble obedience to the Lord and those He places over you. 
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy