Dear Ones,
Hope you are enjoying this nice day full of sunshine! I have been busy in the kitchen this morning doing food prep and making Oh, Henry bars! This afternoon we are trading our car in so will have to get use to new technology too. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
   Although we all sin daily, our sin patterns differ from one another and it is important to discover and admit our signature sins, as professor of psychology, Michael Mangis, calls them. We all have specific sin patterns that affect how we think, act, and relate, and they likely differ somewhat from others. But we might ask ourselves, what is the primary root of my sin? 
   The author confesses his signature sin is pride but the ways he struggles with it differ from others and is unique. Pride may come in forms like arrogance, entitlement, self-focus, self-absorption, conceit, narcissism etc.  After we name our sin, we need to take ownership for it if we hope to conquer it. We must be honest with ourselves and also seek to know how we come across to others. It is good to have a person close to us help us in acknowledging our flaws and it is great if you have a spiritual director. This person is like a spiritual guide and friend, who gives spiritual direction and carefully listens as we seek to know more of what is contained in our hearts. Their primary focus deals with a deepening relationship with the Lord.
  It still takes courage to spell out our signature sin and allow another so see deeply inside of us, often the very things we have tried to hide from others. But in naming the sin that we have clung to, half the battle is won as we desire to gain freedom.
  To help him, Mangis felt led to commit to confess his sin of pride every time he went to the Lord in prayer multiple times every day. He simply said, “Forgive my pride and teach me humility.” He was serious and God was faithful to show him more specifics of his hidden sin of pride. Of course, we have to ask ourselves is this the desire of my heart? Do I want to know and change? The Holy Spirit is very glad to show us how our sin has stolen so much from our lives and how to get freed of its power over us. Yes, we take time to mourn our sin but then we take time to heal and to praise Him for His grace and mercy to us. Gradually we become the same person inwardly that we express outwardly. No more masks!
  As I read about signature sins, I think I found mine for as I read the description I thought, that is me! That is only the first step in overcoming that sin, and I hope to journal more on this and have shared it with Al, who is my spiritual director. One day I may share with you too!
Challenge for today: Spend some quiet time with the Lord and dare to ask Him to show you your heart and changes that are needed in your life.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy