Again as I attempt to begin writing this blog site, I am very aware of my insecurity.  But I do sense a call to make the attempt to communicate.  Today I met with a friend, whose discernment I trust.  His advice was to get with the writing, especially to men.  He confirmed in my heart the idea of having much of the content in this blog a story of what God has done in my heart and of the desire I have in my heart to reach the pain found in the heart of so many men.  His word to me was for me to be assured that what I had to say could be liberating and healing for many men who might visit this site.     –   So I write as a work in progress.  I hope to make improvement to this blog site as time goes on.  (At present I have three grandsons visiting for three weeks.  This certainly has gotten me out of rythmn)  I also want to be able to connect with those who care to make comment at this blog site .  If you would like to become a user,  just e-mail Judy and I at  We will set you up so that you can become a useer     –  I believe that men need to begin a conversion with other men regarding their souls.  Richard Rohr in his retreat work with men all over the world, has made it abundantly clear that men have to do their ”soul work” with other men.  To many of us men, learned about our masculine feeling and how to relate from our mothers.  Instead of absorbing a male mode of feeling for our souls, many of us absorbed a female mode of feeling for our souls.  As a result men are not able to express nor access their true emotions.  Thus the emotional life of many men is stunted.  You could say that many of us men are “emotionally challenged” when it comes to a intimate relationship with God and with our wives.  As men, we can together learn the language of the masculine soul.  I hope this blog will in some small way contribute to this dialogue.  I envision this blog to be primarily a dialogue with other men hungry for “soul talk.  That all for this post.  There will be more.