Dear Ones,
Happy weekend to you! We went to bed before the end of the Viking game last night and hoped for a win but sadly a loss. Emoji This morning I am going to the audiologist, and I am hopeful for better hearing! I keep reminding myself that spiritual hearing is even more important!
Devotions from Judy’s heart
I just love to observe how God provides in so many ways, and some may be very unusual. I was reading in my devotions today about the prophet Elijah who was told to confront wicked King Ahab, a Baal worshiper, and tell him it would not rain for 3 years. It was not good news the king wanted to hear concerning the coming devastating drought, so God told Elijah to go hide east of the brook Cherith where he would be fed by the ravens in the morning and evening. When the brook dried up, he got another message from God to go to Zarephath and He would command a Gentile widow to feed him. Now God can do anything, and he used a widow who was a foreigner in an already hopeless situation to provide for him and for herself and son. But she obeyed and provided Elijah with all she had left to eat, and God responded by giving her a jug of oil and a jar of meal that never ran out during the whole famine. What if she hadn’t obeyed, she would have missed the miracle that saved her life and that of her son. Not long later after Elijah had trumped the prophets of Baal and God had rained down fire, Elijah was weary and emotionally down. But God sent an angel who gave him 2 hot meals and he rested and was strengthened to go on for 40 days and nights.                                                                  
   God provides what we need often in unusual ways. Sometimes we need a word of encouragement and God uses a perfect stranger to give us an uplifting word. Maybe we need wisdom and discernment, and a friend shows up to help point us in the right direction. There are times He just surprises us like discovering an envelope on our door with $ inside. Or finding a tax rebate check in the mail that will be used for gas on our coming trip to N.C. All surprises and perfect timing.  

   There are also times we need to take a step of faith to enter into what God has waiting for us. There may also be occasions He will ask us to give something that we cherish to someone, and often it seems to boomerang into something coming back that is beyond what we ever gave. But God loves us and desires that we obey and trust him to provide for us in unimaginable ways. Even in those times we are without something we think is necessary, He later unfolds His plan before our eyes, and we are grateful. Peter’s words are so true in II Peter 3:13 and he says, “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”

  Challenge for today: Open your eyes to the many ways God’ provides for you and respond with a thankful heart.
Blessings on our weekend and prayers and love, Judy