Dear Ones,
  Hope you are enjoying this day. It started out with rain and thunder when Al was off to Men’s group! This morning I went downstairs fo donut day, and  made meat loaf and Preacher’s cake. When we were making Alzheimer’s quilts yesterday we were served a scrumptious cake so I am trying it today and I’m sure Al will sample it for me. This afternoon we have Bible Study here and last week we had a large group. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  When we lived on the lake, I loved the Saturdays that we had Wildmen Retreats. I never quite knew how many would show up but I usually made more food than I thought we’d need, because the men loved to eat!” Al led the discussions with the men, and it was based on scripture of how to be godly men. At the dinner table I got to ask them a question which they all took turns answering and I liked their honesty and ability to tell it like it is.
  It’s been a few years since Al’s retirement and I am sad as I see where many of the men’s movements have gone. Men are in crisis and dropping out; they no longer take pride in their work or even want to work, and many choose to not marry and become responsible for family. So many are depressed and lonely and attempting suicide.
    I read an article by Delano Squires, a black father, who wants to teach his sons what it means to be a man. He said that “The ultimate act of man is being willing to commit to one woman and the children you create for a lifetime… Healthy masculinity is found in men who exhibit self-control, wisdom, patience, courage, honesty, kindness, gentleness, grit, adventure, and love.” He wants to influence and model these traits for his two sons.
    He doesn’t want them or any man to feel ashamed of being a male, for that is how God created them and they are to be led by God’s Word. He goes on to say that women are also made in God’s image and equal in worth and meant to complement, not compete with one another. Men are to provide and protect and be responsible. Delano says that men need to be like leather—the perfect balance of tough and tender. His prayer is for his sons to know God, find work that is meaningful and marry a good woman and raise a family that is characterized by peace and productivity.
   Maybe this sounds old fashion to you as you read these words, but look where the culture that doesn’t not honor God has taken us today. Other ways that exclude God do not work! May men flourish and also women flourish for His glory!!
  Challenge for today: Encourage the men you know to be godly men who love God and family and are willing to do the hard work of hanging in there.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy