Dear Ones,
May you be filled with God’s peace this day. This morning I cleaned our apartment and did food prep etc. Our grandson Joe entered the Marines today and flew out this morning. Our prayers go with him. Our granddaugther Lily, along with her parents, will be flying to Vail tomorrow to get ready for her hip surgery on Tuesday. Do pray for the two doctors doing the surgery and that she may play soccer again.
Devotions from Judy’ s heart
Today I chose to put aside my usual writing since it is the 20th anniversary day of 911, a day that none of us will forget. I’m sure you remember exactly where you were, as I do, when we got the news of the attack on our nation. Last night I came across 5 prayers that Cally Logan, an author and history teacher from Richmond, Virginia, wrote. She prayed for the families of the fallen, prayers for the survivors, prayers for the memory of those lost, and also prayers for our nation and for our world. I would like to share her prayer for our nation as follows.
“Father God,
We pray for our nation as a whole this September 11th. September 12th was met with unity and grief that we all shared. It is still something we share as a people; it is a reminder of how fragile and precious life truly is. Lord, we pray for peace and unity in our nation today. We pray that Your Spirit would pour out among us and that through and by You, there would be a common heart, a common goal, and a common desire for peace and kindness towards one another. Let us not lose sight of what is important in this life and help us love one another as You truly love us. Lord, we pray for our leaders today. We pray that You would give them wisdom and discernment as they tackle events and dilemmas as they unfold. We pray that You would inspire this nation to be a nation under God, one that seeks to glorify, honor, and praise You. This is our heart’s desire, Lord. We desire to be Your people, and we strive to have peace. This nation has so much to offer, and Lord, we pray for our nation to truly be a City on a Hill.
In Jesus Name,
She concluded with these words:“Years have passed, but the events of September 11th will not be forgotten. As the anniversary comes about, let us take on the heart posture of peace towards our fellow man, and let us come before the Lord God Almighty to pray for our neighbors, our nation, and our world. Ask the Lord this day how you can honor those who lost their lives and how you can serve the Kingdom of God here on earth. Let us be ever mindful to pray for peace and to boldly come before the Lord to invite His Spirit to be among us.”
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy