Devotions from Judy’s heart

Jesus has called us to be light-bearers and as He says in Matt 5, we are to let our lights shine so others can see and give glory to God. The Message translation puts it this way “ You’re here to be a light, bringing out God-colors to the world.” He desires to use us to make Him visible to the world. When we went to the coffee party on Saturday with all the relatives, Scott spoke of relatives that we honor and who have let their lights shine before us, like my dad, my aunt etc. I’m sure you have all gone by mailboxes with reflector tape on and it makes them stand out, especially at night.  We are to be His reflectors and  As Sarah Young said we are to brighten up the world by reflecting who He is.  As the Holy Spirit has free access in our lives, may the light of His presence flow from us to all those around us, bringing His healing love.