Devotions from Judy’s heart,
Yesterday when we were traveling on mountain roads, a big logging truck was right on our tail. He was so close to our back end and started to make us nervous. The speed limit for trucks was set slower than that of cars but he was reckless and going way over the speed limit. All of a sudden he passed us and we felt very relieved to not have him breathing down on us. I thought of how uncomfortable it is when we feel pushed by others on our spiritual journey? Maybe they expect so much out of us before we were ready?  Or maybe we recall pushing someone else in their Christian walk to be in the same place we are or to see things our way?  I know pastors are vulnerable to parishioners pushing something they want for the whole church.  Maybe it is a concern to them but they think the whole church should move that way. We must guard against pressuring others rather than letting the Holy Spirit do the wooing and prompting. He is gentle and guides us, but doesn’t push us. He also knows when we are ready for His next move in our lives.