Devotions from Lisa McMinn’s book, The Contented Soul

We belong not to ourselves but to God, and are part of a whole that connects us to each other and to creation. As we grow less preoccupied with ourselves, we are filled with the wonder at the God who created us and all that surrounds us. Our identity is in Him, and our life’s meaning transcends gratifying ourselves.  When we really grasp this reality, we will become less self-conscious about our successes and failures, our popularity or lack of popularity. To become God-conscious rather than self-conscious brings freedom and joy.  When our hearts are mellow, we can look through even the darkest circumstances of our lives and find joy. Our happiness transcends our immediate circumstances because we know that in the end all will be made right. God can use our pain and struggles to shape and strengthen our character and draw us towards Him. Sometimes that means accepting loss but we gain peace as we relinquish control. May we be  able to see beauty amidst ashes and have hope for what is yet to come