Devotions from Judy’s heart

Al took me for a boat ride around the lake the other night and when we passed the resort there wasn’t any sign of activity there. In the summer there are people in the water or on the raft, boating, walking on the beach, etc but fall has come and there was no activity at all. I thought of the seasons and how important it is to be in the right season of the Lord.  Maybe what He has been doing in our church in the past is now being taken into a new season and that means change. Or maybe what worked in another place is not what He has for us at all. We need discernment to be moving with the Spirit in what He has for each of us right now. As it says in Daniel 2, To Him belong wisdom and might..  ”He changes times and seasons”.   He gives wisdom and knowledge and reveals deep and hidden things. We need to be continually seeking Him and be in His time and season.