Devotions from Judy’s heart

Today as Al was napping, I was driving along and kept hearing zap, zap, zap. At 75mph the bugs were hitting the windshield and it got covered over with them so my vision was not as good. It was like a reminder to me of how our spiritual vision gets clouded by unforgiveness in our lives. We had just talked about that yesterday in S.S. as both sides of the split in Nevis are dealing with that. Today I read an article by Florence MacKenzie on the importance of forgiveness. She is not saying our hurts don’t matter as forgiveness doesn’t minimize the offense against us. Forgiveness is not letting the offender get away with it for he is answerable to God and He will deal with that person. Forgiveness is also not forgetting for only God truly forgets our sins and casts them as far as the east is from the west. Forgiveness isn’t even reconciliation. We can forgive but we might never be brought into a right relationship with the person who wronged us as he may not be willing. Forgiveness is not easy and we need the Holy Spirit to help us. Tomorrow I will share more on how to live in forgiveness.