Devotions from Judy’s heart

As I shared yesterday, Al is helping with the Spiritual Direction course at St. Scholastica and it is made up of people of all walks of life—from a nun to a Unitarian.  We might think it would be nice if  all of them were alike and on the same page, but in their differences they have something to contribute  to the whole. It’s much like a floral bouquet.  As I look back on our daughter’s wedding, she wanted one big floral arrangement rather than several small ones. It was an awesome one and so huge we could scarcely fit it in our car to take home. It was made of a variety of flowers and even a wood branch to give it a special affect. The Shalom group is so diverse but they make up a beautiful arrangement put together by the Creator’s hand… All in varied colors but all seekers.  Let us appreciate each flower along the way and let God place each of us where He wants. May we thank Him for those He puts next to us and all we are to learn and receive through them too.