This morning we are glad to be going to Grace and Tom’s church and then this afternoon to downtown Edmonds to explore  a little more.  Yesterday I had the wonderful experience of meeting Grace’s elderly  friend who I would say, is the most saintly woman I have ever met.  She spends her days reading her Bible and praying and inteceding for people.  In our short time with her   we shared scriptures together , prayed together, and felt like we were in the  holy presence.  It was so awesome.
Later in the day Beth and her family came for supper and games, and we were so glad for the time together as we pray for them each day.

Today’s devotion is from Gary Thomas’ book, The Beautiful Fight

So often the christian life is described as to what someone does or does not do.  But Christianity is a spiritual journey not simply defined by what we believe or how we behave but is marked by WHO WE ARE.
Incarnational spirituality is the process that creates an entirely new person who sees with new eyes, feels with a new heart, hears with new ears, and lives with passion.

Transformation is a transformation of being, of experience, and of existence. It involves how we see the Word, the way we hear God and others, the passions we feel, how we use our hands and  feet, the thoughts we think.   It is a complete transformation of all our members.
Too often we settle for too little.
“Our creator God is eager to splash His glory on us.”  God made each of us in his image, and He wants us to recapture that image, to surrender to his work in our lives,   “So we will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.”  Isaiah 61:3

Blessings on your sabbath today and do pray for us as we head for Colorado Springs early tomorrow morning. Will write as I am able along the way.