Over the years, as I have prayed from men, the image of light is often prominent in our prayers for healing.  When we are in Christ the light of his presence is within us.  Part of our struggle is our unbelief, in not realizing that the light within is greater then all the darkness.  Jesus is present to lead us out of the darkness of all the baggage of our old way of life.  I was reminded of this reality recently when I read from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (5:8-10  –  The Message).  “You groped your way through that murk once, but no longer.  You’re out in the open now.  The bright light of Christ makes your way plain.  So no more stumbling around.”  Also verse 17 – “Wake up from your sleep, climb out of your coffins; Christ will show you the light!

Our imaginations are a very powerful instruments of our personalities in helping with our healing.  Images that have a Scriptural basis can be very helpful in the healing of our souls.  Keeping in our mind’s eye the awareness of the presence of Jesus in the midst of our murk can be vital.  For example, picturing  Jesus at the very depths of your soul can in itself be liberating.  As we gain more knowledge of the darkness in our souls, we are able to invite him into the darkness bringing his healing light.  We don’t have to fear the darkness and all that is stored there over the years.

These two passages remind us of two vital truths.  First, being able to come out into the open.  So often in prayer there is an image of a open and free space created by the Spirit of Jesus when we invite him into our darkness.  The second truth is the need to be awake.  To be asleep spiritually is to be unaware of the presence of the light of Christ in the depths of our souls.  We are encouraged in verse 17 to climb out of our coffins.  What  a wonderful image.  When we are awakened to the light of Jesus presence within, we are able to go with Jesus to that place of spiritual death in our hearts.  With His presence we are able to come forth out of the coffin into new life.

Remember we all have parts of our hearts that need to be converted.  There are secrets, hurts, and pain that have been buried for years.  They have been pushed out of consciousness.  But when we come to Jesus, asking Him to heal our masculine souls, the light of his healing presence will replace the darkness with light.  Then as the passage reminds us, “…Christ makes your way plain.  So no more stumbling around.”  In the healing light our way is mae plain and we no longer have to stumble in the darkness