Dear Ones,
Hope you are having a great weekend. We are enjoying our walks on the trail before the weather gets cold. Today I cleaned and made a Birthday dinner as we will be celebrating Leif’s birthday a little early when they come through Baxter later today. It will be good to get back to our church tomorrow as we have missed lately because of traveling. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
   All of us are needy and desire to be loved and fully known. God also wants to be known by us in relationship to Him and to one another. In I Cor. 13:12 the apostle Paul says, “Now I know in part; then I shall be fully known.” As we come closer to the Lord and expose each part of ourselves to Him, we often feel shame. We may make the choice to move away from the Lord, and from others, in and effort of trying to hide. But that is the opposite of what will remove our shame.  Al has felt that in preaching over the years, that people are quite aware of their sinfulness and don’t need that pounded into them, but to let them know there is a God who forgives and loves them, along with those in the Body of Christ.
   I just finished reading a book by Curt Thompson M.D. on shame and how to reframe it in light of the Lord. For most all of us, our natural tendency is to hide our weaknesses, mistakes and shame from ourselves, our family, church, and friends. We are afraid to reveal our real selves as it leaves us feeling inadequate and not enough. We want to hide! But Thompson says we need voices that say we are loved and cared for and to share our vulnerabilities. Healing comes as we come out of hiding and share our wounds and shame. It is so true that to be loved-and to fully loved- requires that we are fully known.”
  Our son and daughter-in-law go to a small group weekly with people from their church. It is a safe place and opportunity is given to share their life stories and to reveal themselves. As they receive healing prayers, they also hear words that express care and love from others. Shame is exposed but is now is seen through the eyes of a loving Heavenly Father who forgives. They are given hope and courage to flourish again.   
   Let us not hold on to shame but share with others and let ourselves be known, that our story may be retold in light of grace.
Challenge for today: Identify areas of your shame and share with a trusted friend.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy