Dear Ones, Alzheimers
Hope you are having a great day! We are glad to be safely home again and I am sending a more detailed account of our trip back. This morning I did food prep, washed clothes, went to my exercise class; this afternoon is a coffee party and time to view all the Alzheimer’s quilts that we made these past weeks. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart 
  There are times we just have a vivid sense of the Lord’s presence with us and we find ourselves leaning into His strength. We may feel needy and call out to Him for help and there is great power in the very name of Jesus. Like the song goes that many of us learned at an early age, “In the name of Jesus/ In the name of Jesus/ We have the victory/ In the name of Jesus/ in the name of Jesus / demons will have to flee/ Who can tell what God can do/ Who can tell of His love for you/ In the name of Jesus, Jesus/ We have the victory.”
  Such was the time when we went to our son’s home in North Carolina. We prayed before we took off on our trip and then committed each day to the Lord’s leading. We never knew what was in store for us but our desire was to follow His leading. After a wonderful time with Mark’s family, we took off at 2:30 a.m. for home and traveled 953 miles to a hotel in Iowa. But we encountered what was probably an accident on the freeway as traffic was at a standstill and we got off on side roads, as some others did. It began to rain and was dark and very hard to see on narrow roads. As Al drove, I often said the name of Jesus and we asked for His help. I recalled the verse in Jer. 33:3 (Message), “Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.” Tell us Lord where to go, we are lost and tired and hungry and the road is so narrow and dark and hard to see.  I also saw a car that had just been hit by another. After quite some time, all of a sudden, Al took a turn and we saw lights ahead and got back on the road exactly where it led to our hotel. We couldn’t believe it. The gal at the hotel desk said we have 5 minutes to get our food before the buffet was over and told us to just unpack later. As we sat at our table, eating, our hearts were so grateful and Al and I kept saying to each other, “It was the Lord! It was the Lord!” Our hearts were so thankful and aware of His presence and power.
   There are times we all experience that are dark and difficult and we wonder how we are going to get through. We feel helpless and alone but we must remember He is there in the midst and will get us through. Let us call to Him and who can tell what He will do!!!
  Challenge for today: When going through a tough circumstance, make your first response to call on the name of Jesus and watch for what He will do!!