Dear Ones,
Only 45 degrees out today but nice and sunny. I cleaned the apt. and made bars this morning and went to my dermatologist. I had lots of zapping and a biopsy on my nose. I look like Bozo right now and am glad to wear a mask! I will find out in a couple weeks if I need to have surgery on it and would have to go to Bemidji if so. Praying it is not cancer though. I have the Fall Women’s Gathering tomorrow and will try to hide behind a mask. Emoji
Devotions from Judy’s heart
If someone were to describe our lives, would they say we are perfect? Probably not! We all have so far to go as we struggle to love other, especially our enemies, or to respond with kindness when someone is cruel to us. Jesus tells us in Matt. 5:48 (EXV), “You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Ronald Rolheiser in his book, Sacred Fire, notes that perfect here, is not the Greek word that means flawless or without blemish for none of us could measure up. But it is more like the Hebrew word identified with compassion. We are to be compassionate like our Heavenly Father. His love and compassion are not selective but loves all; and He loves not just when we do things right but even when we are in the wrong. The Father in the story loved the prodigal son who returned, as well as, the older son who was bitter. He wants us to also be “perfect” and show compassion as He does for all. He will help us embrace our differences even in our culture that is so divided right now, and show love. We don’t have to think alike, we don’t all have to be alike, but we are all to be valued. Jesus gave us an example of how to shoe compassion as He humbly took off His outer clothes and picked up a basin and towel and washed His disciple’s feet at the Last supper. Just like Jesus, we must take off our outer clothes and things that divide us and reach across the painful divide. Jesus washed even the feet of Judas who was going to betray Him. Let us not write off our enemies or others who are not like us but rather take up the basin and towel and embrace them with compassion. We can only do that with His power and love.
Challenge for today: Express compassion for someone who is very different from you.
Blessings on your weekend and  prayers and love, Judy