Dear Ones, 
May you wake to a hope-filled day! As I look out our BR window, soon the sun will come up and I am reminded of Mal. 4:2, “But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings.” This morning I have Womens Bible study and later we have friends coming for fellowship, pie and prayer!  
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  Our hearts go out to Israel as we get the reports of hundreds of people killed in the attack by Hamas and thousands injured. What can we do? We can pray as it says in Psalm 122, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” While reading on, I found several prayers that can help us as we hold the people up in prayer. I will include and combine a few short ones by Vivian Bricker:
Dear Jesus, please provide restoration to the people of Israel and their nation. Please help them rebuild their cities and bring healing into their hearts. This is a difficult time for the Israeli people, and they need their restoration to come from you. We know you love Israel, Lord. Please give them the restoration they need physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In Jesus’ Name….. 
  And dear Lord, Israel is your chosen nation and the country that is close to your heart. They have suffered much pain and hurt these past few days. Please bring peace, security, and healing into their hearts. Not only provide them with this but also provide them swift recoveries from their injuries and give comfort to the hearts of the individuals who lost their loved ones in this catastrophe. In Jesus’ Name, I pray…
   And Dear God, please bring justice to Israel. They have been afflicted with much injustice, and they need your help. Please bring your mighty hand upon their nation and lift them up. You can do all things, and we know nothing is too hard for you. The damage done to Israel and its people may endure, but you can provide justice to them. Thank you, Lord, for always hearing the cry of your people. In Jesus’ Name..
   And dear Jesus, please bring peace to the people of Israel. You have the peace that surpasses all understanding. Please give this peace to Israel and bring hope into Israel’s heart. They are facing a time of fear, uneasiness, and worry. Please surround them with your hope, peace, and love. Thank you, Lord, for always being there for all of us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”  
 Challenge for today: Spend some time in prayer for Israel and if possible, have others join you.  
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy