Dear Ones,
Hope you began your day with anticipation. Al went to the Men’s group this morning and I made meatloaf etc and went downstairs for Donut Day. We have Bible Study this afternoon and then need to get to packing for our trip. It looks to be cooler all the way to N.C. so I better get prepared.Emoji
Devotions from Judy’s heart
 The Body of Christ is a diverse group but even though we are all very different, it is important to be well-rounded as individual members. Too much of anything can cause us harm to ourselves and others, so we need to let the Lord put us together in a balanced way.
  Some are extroverts and love being in big groups of people and activities and get energized. Others are introverts and like small groups with one or two close friends and time alone in quiet, so not to get depleted. But we all need times with others in the Body who have our best in mind, and will help us in our Christian walk, especially in our weak areas. We are to live intentionally for God and each one of us can be used by Him to help each other to grow and mature in our Christian lives.
  I am married to an extrovert and when we go for walks, Al talks with everyone along the way. I am an introvert and love days when my schedule is clear and evenings when I don’t have to go out. But we help one another as we spend time each day studying quietly, each in our own study area, and then go for a walk together and share our hearts. We might have a Bible Study, exercise class, or simply coffee and fellowship with others, but we attempt a balance of time for togetherness and aloneness.
   If extraverts spend too much time just in activities and groups, and not time alone, they can become shallow and neglect the deeper things of the Lord. If introverts spend too much time alone, they can become selfish and self-focused and neglect the needs of others. We need to be balanced and God uses us to help and stimulate one another. In Prov. 27:17 (Message), it says, “You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.” May we be used of God to help others to be their best and most effective for His kingdom; and may we challenged by others to be all that God created us to be.
  Challenge for today: Be balanced in time spent together in the Body of Christ, but also spend some time alone with the Lord.
Blessings on our day and prayers and Love, Judy