Dear Ones,
Hope you had a great weekend. We had a special time in Remer at the funeral of a former member and also time with friends from Nevis. We went from there to a wedding that blessed us all. You can read about it in the following devotion. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
   When we returned from a wedding, both Al and I remarked that it is the most godly wedding we have ever been to; everything done was referenced to the Lord and His glory. This wedding was one we anticipated as I have prayed daily the last couple years for a husband for Hope, as well as for 10 others who have asked for prayers for God’s mate for them. What a beautiful answer and well worth waiting for God’s best.
   The wedding was outside on October 8th, which was chancy since one never knows what the weather will be like. But many prayers went up for that and the day was better than the weatherman the low 60’s and the sun warming us during the entire ceremony. This wedding from the start to finish was all focused on the Lord. There were no bulletins or big fancy bouquets of flowers but a wedding arch with silky cloth and flowers woven into it. Chairs were set up in an open field behind the biggest Town Hall I have ever seen. I would estimate about 300 people filled the chairs and each bridesmaid came down the long grassy aisle with a groomsmen who was freely expressing joy by skipping, or cartwheels, or putting their arms up towards the Lord etc. The bride was on the arm of her father-in-law, as the song, “Jesus is the Center” played. Hope’s mother is already in heaven and her father far away. She looked radiant for this is the day that she had waited to be joined with the one that God had for her. Solomon has also sought the Lord and knew she was the one soon after he met her. Two pastor’s spoke very personally to the couple in their choice of words and scriptures. Solomon’s dad also gave a brief capsule of their courtship and at the end he asked the audience for words that described each of them… many beautiful words were shouted out of their godly character and fruitful lives. Their vows were written with much thought and prayer as they pledged aloud to give themselves to the Lord and to love one another for all of their lives. I think there were teary eyes by those listening and maybe thoughts of our own marriages. After several long kisses they literally danced down the grassy aisle in joy with hands lifted high. We all felt like we had been in His presence witnessing an expression of His divine love.
   Afterwards rows of long tables were set up and food made and served by friends of the bride and groom, followed by a dance.
One day all who know the Lord will be present at the marriage feast of the lamb, and will experience joy unspeakable to be in His presence. This was just a little foretaste of that.
Challenge for today: Spend some time today delighting in His presence!
Blessings on your week and prayers and love, Judy