Devotions from Judy’s heart

Yesterday there was a strong wind and the leaves were just blowing about and floating down on me when I went for my prayer walk. I was reminded of the hang gliders we saw in Utah just letting the wind take them high above. They looked so free floating around in the air. When they dropped closer to the ground the situation looked more precarious and I wondered where they would land and what kind of landing it would be. But if the two people were worried and focused only on their landing, they would have missed the joy of the moment.  I know I have to remind myself again and again to live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest, smell the roses, & take time for what is important.. Just as those in the hang gliders, let us enjoy the ride and let the Spirit take us where He wills. As I was in the process of writing this, an e-mail came from a friend with tips for a beautiful day to enjoy the RIDE! What perfect timing!  To name a few of the tips that was set to music and pictures: Take a 30 minute walk a day and smile.  Sit in silence for 10 minutes each day.  When you awake ask, “What is my purpose today?”, Realize life is a school and you are here to learn lessons. Make peace with your past so it won’t mess up your present. Forgive everyone everything. Live life with energy, enthusiasm, and empathy. Before bed, complete the sentence,” I am thankful for…” .  Believe the best is to come. These are only a few suggestions to make the most of our ride!!  Enjoy your ride today!