Devotions from Judy’s heart

As I went for my prayer walk I was aware of how the leaves let the wind just blow them freely about until they land on the ground. Some try to hang on and make it though part of the winter but maybe they miss the joy of the free fall.  I wonder how many times we are like those tenacious leaves that hang on and want to be in control. But are we ever really in control?   When we hang on so tightly and don’t release our selves to Him, we miss the wonderful freedom God has for us.   In  II Cor. 3:17 it says,  “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.”  But when we let the Spirit blow us where He wills, it takes trust on our part as we don’t know where He will take us.  Fresh in my mind is the freedom Kurt and Brenda are experiencing now. They left if up to the Lord if they should move and the Lord gave a clear answer to their prayers. They didn’t get blown all the way to Chicago but are landing near the roots of their present tree. May each of us release ourselves daily so the Spirit can move us as He wills.