Devotions from The Beautiful Fight by Gary Thomas

 The Kingdom of God is a corporate call and joint effort. We need one another and “Together we can exercise the weight of God’s power and more properly proclaim God’s authority.

It is impossible to create a fire with one sound log, but several poor logs may make a fire if they stay together as they burn. The miracle of the early church was that of poor sticks making a good fire!! When we come together, something wonderful and inspiring and motivating happens. William Temple said, “It is by the faith of others that our faith is kindled.” We simply need each other to learn from each other, to be inspired by each other, and to share Christ together. The best gift you can give to God’s church is to become our best and by your best to inspire others to fully embrace the life of Christ. As we go out together Jesus builds his church and defeats the enemy!

May we inspire one another to grow in Christ and to be transformed together by His presence.